Such is Life

I had a little creative blockage the last couple of weeks. Nothing important, just something that happens every now and then. Maybe creativity just needs a break from time to time.
Then, recently I was ‘saved’ by a kind canadian art director who offered me a very interesting and fun assignment. Suddenly, inspiration came back. Just like that, wham! The only thing I could say was ‘happythankyoumoreplease!!’ :))

Anyway, I’m working under ‘non-disclosure agreement’, which means I can’t show anything until it’s published. Hush hush. So I thought maybe I could share something else, as it has been such a long time since my last post. Shame on me, I know.
I was looking through my sketchbook and saw something I had not noticed before.

These are some sketches I painted independently (in about 30 min. each) during the last months of 2013. No connection between them was intended, but looking at them now, it feels like it somehow makes sense to put them together in some kind of ‘sequence’, if I may call it like that.


Such is the cicle of life, from my humble perspective.

There’s ups, there’s downs… We get lost in them, either wanting to get out of the negative, or trying not to lose the positive. No real peace there, it seems to me.
And then there’s those brief, crystal-clear moments in between, where it seems like there’s no me, no you… No inside or outside. No good or bad, even no world around, but rather everything at the same time and place… Then everything makes sense. I call that peace. And maybe, just maybe, I could also call it love.

Just a little reflection, with no further relevance. Have a nice weekend everyone.

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